• New York Air Brake getting product line to serve North America | Business | nny360.com

    by admin on 2022-03-11 10:03:37

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  • STAMPING Journal

    by admin on 2022-03-11 10:03:22

    Before calling CAD tech support, measure the formed part’s inside bend radius. If you get the radius wrong, your bend calculations will fall apart. Getty Images

    I get many letters that ask this same fundamental question: Our flat blanks never seem to work out correctly. We make dozens

  • STAMPING Journal

    by admin on 2022-03-11 10:02:58

    Can modern machines dumb-down the shop floor? It’s a real possibility. But if metal fab shops take the right approach, modern tech can do just the opposite. Getty Images

    Several years ago I spoke with an oxyfuel cutting expert who described the latest controls and how many previously m

  • Visit Cult of Mac via RSS

    by admin on 2022-03-11 10:02:12

    By Ed Hardy • 11:02 am, February 21, 2022

    Apple is reportedly working on a notebook with a display that dwarfs the 16-inch screen in the latest MacBook Pro. And the whole device won’t be gargantuan — because it’ll fold in half.

    But don’t grab your cred

  • Why Packaging Innovation is Essential in Today’s Global Dairy Markets | Packaging Strategies

    by admin on 2022-03-11 10:01:57

    Given the challenges today’s dairy processors are facing, the future of dairy filling innovation is likely to bring versatile, modular, and intelligent dairy filling solutions.

    This article explores some of the top trends across the global dairy market, how those trends impact dairy p

  • Lateral Training Guide on Using a Slide Board | The Manual

    by admin on 2022-03-11 10:01:56

    Picture yourself running, cycling, swimming, using a rowing machine or elliptical, hiking, or walking. While the specific movements involved in any of these types of exercises are indeed different, all of the movement patterns have something in common: They involve getting from Point A to Poin

  • Star Therapeutics Starts a Family with Electra | BioSpace

    by admin on 2022-03-11 10:01:25

    Published: Feb 16, 2022 By Hayley Shasteen

    Star Therapeutics has exited stealth mode and announced a spin-off company, Electra Therapeutics. Electra received $84 million in Series B financing, co-led by Westlake

  • Vehicle Maintenance Checklist: DIY Projects Anyone Can Do | GearJunkie

    by admin on 2022-03-11 10:00:55

    December 21, 2021 |  By Derek Mau

    Doing essential maintenance on your car may seem intimidating, but not everything requires advanced mechanical skills.

    Since a vehicle is a hefty investment, here are some simple maintenance tasks that are straightfo

  • Dallas Invents: 109 Patents Granted for Week of Nov. 30 » Dallas Innovates

    by admin on 2022-03-11 10:00:53

    Dallas-Fort Worth ranked No. 9 for patent activity out of 250 metros. Patents granted include: 7-Eleven's topview object tracking using a sensor array AT&T's autonomous vehicle signaling system Bank of America's multi-tiered digital wallet security Bell Helicopter

  • Gran Turismo 7: Tips and tricks to drive like a pro | Digital Trends

    by admin on 2022-03-11 10:00:43

    Fans have held the Gran Turismo series in high regard for the past two decades. Now, on its 25th anniversary, Gran Turismo 7 delivers a visually stunning racing sim accessible to anyone willing to spend a few extra minutes digesting the finer details of cornering, split streaming, and proper