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Underdrive bending machine for plate press brake /high-quality/good priceCNC / NC Hydraulic Folding Machine with High Quality & Good Price1.underdriving is used, and it can be easily processed on larger chassis. The drive devices are stored in the lower part of the main body of the apparatus, and the table is lifted and

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Underdrive bending machine for plate press brake /high-quality/good price
CNC / NC Hydraulic Folding Machine with High Quality & Good Price

1.underdriving is used, and it can be easily processed on larger chassis. The drive devices are stored in the lower part of the main body of the apparatus, and the table is lifted and bent. In this way, the space between the racks is completely freed and even larger workpieces can be easily machined.
2. Adopting the central pressurizing method to prevent the stress in the middle of the folded workpiece from being insufficient and realize high-precision product processing. The
3. The table will not shake when processing. The roller guide mechanism is arranged in the front, rear, and right and left directions of the lower table, which can make the table move smoothly, and the gap between the roller and the guide block can be easily adjusted to minimize the guide wear of the table.
3. Long-term use can also maintain a very high-precision rack structure design. The upper table adopts the oblique block fixing method. Compared with the welded frame, no distortion or deflection occurs, and the long-term use accuracy will not change. In addition, the micro-adjustment of the worktable can be performed for the micro-elastic deformation of the frame during processing.
   4. Use the position of the encoder to set the lower position of the lower table. This design can set different lower limit positions according to different bending lengths, thereby improving the bending efficiency.
5. The design has a stepping arc bending function, after the rule is moved equidistantly forward, once each movement, for a bend, after multiple bending, the workpiece will form R shape and an included angle.
   6. The back pull-avoidance function is to prevent the work piece from colliding with the backstop when the work piece is reversed during the bending process. Conflicts can be avoided by setting the post-pull position and post-pull delay.
   7. Can count the number of bended workpieces.
   8. Fast splint has applied for a patent, which is convenient and quick to use.
   9.underdrive bending machine, the motor drives the gear pump to output force during the upward bending, and the weight of the worktable itself is realized when the return stroke is decreased. The motor idles and energy is saved.
  10. WY-100 adopts a main fuel tank, oil circuit design of the two sub-cylinder, can achieve the synchronization of the next table, uniform output, the table is not easy to deformation.

1.Specifications of machine body
Bend pressure35T100T
Bend length1400mm3000mm
Maximum travel100mm100mm
greatest pressure26Mpa30Mpa
Number of cylinders13(1mian,2deputy)
Motor Power2.2kW7.5kW
Fuel tank capacity30L65L
Machine weight2400kg6600kg
2.Specifications of numerical control device
WY-2 position numerical control device
control methoddigital control
Inputtouch screen
Display method10-inch LCD display
Control axis number2 axis
X-axis speed (Note 1)The fastest 15 meters
Y-axis speed (Note 2)6 meters fastest
Memory capacity31 programs, each containing 22 steps
Lower limit position control method (Note 3)Encoder position reading
 Digital setting according to program
Speed conversion methodEncoder position reading
 Digital setting according to program
Stepping arc bending function (Note 4)Yes
Program name entry method (8-bit)Yes (26 English letters or numbers can be entered)
Processing quantity record functionyes

Underdrive Bending Machine/Good Quality Press Braker/Sheet Metal Plate Folding Machine
Note 1: X axis: rear stopper position (ie, bending size)
Note 2: Y axis: lower table position (ie bending angle)
Note 3: Lower limit position control mode:
The lower limit is the stop position of the lower table, ie the opening height of the mold.
The company's WY series can adjust its position according to the settings of the CNC system.
Note 4: Stepping arc bending function: after the rule is moved equidistantly forward, once for each movement, for a bend, after a number of bending, the work will form R shape and an included angle.
3.The appearance of the machine
The size of the machine
Note: This sample is an appearance of WY-100 at November 2011. If there is any change in the structure and parameters of the product and this sample in the future, we will inform you without further notice.
WY seriesWY-35WY-100
A outside width of frame12803000
B Frame inside width12202550
C throat depth300405
D Distance between upper and lower tables (including middle plate)250250
E opening height370370
F Lower table height9351030
G total height19852421
H side plate height18002106
I Machine width14003137
J total width19503828
K total depth11001487
L foot switch height800800
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